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If you’re like me, or like 99.99% of the modern adult population, you are busy. You’re rushing through the day, running to the office, running errands, running around the house, running around in circles sometimes. Every once in a blue moon, you actually find an evening when you can let your hair down and enjoy a night on the town with your closest friends. But why waste your precious time sitting in front of a mirror when you could be sitting at a table actually enjoying yourself?

Beaute Babe to the rescue! After years of dealing with the same exact problem, I finally figured out a way to transform a glowing day look to a sultry evening look in less than 10 minutes, and I’m ready to share it with all you lovely people!

Daytime Darling

Keep your ‘day’ look simple and fresh while preparing a great base for your night out. Start out with a blank canvas of concealer and foundation, and brighten those morning eyes with a shimmery eyeshadow like Naked Glow and a swipe of mascara. Add a touch of color with blush and a light lipstick like Soft Rose or Sweetheart, and you are ready to run around like the productive boss babe you are.

Day Look

Late-night Looker

Okay, day is done, and it is time to celebrate! The key here is not to completely redo your entire face, but deepen and emphasize your look.

First, touch up any spots that might have worn away throughout the day. Because mineral makeup sets to the face by binding with your natural oils, it is critical to do this FIRST to avoid any eyeshadow fallout seeping into your skin and leaving a hard-to-remove mark.

Next, frame those gorgeous eyes! Select a dark matte shade to add a bit of smoky mystery to your crease, and a shimmery shade to put a sparkle in your wink, focusing on the lid, brow bone, and inner corner of the eye. Because I am a cooler shade, I used Midnight Blue and Gold Shimmer to take my eyes from ‘wow’ to ‘va-va-voom.’

Warning!! Do NOT brush away any fall out with your fingers! Rather than removing any unwanted color, the natural oils of your fingertips will actually rub it into the skin and making it almost impossible to remove. Instead, take either a clean blush brush or your kabuki brush and gently wipe the excess away.

To compliment those eyes, we next need to sculpt the face. Some people think that ‘contour’ is a big, scary word that only those with a fine arts degree in makeup artistry are allowed to use, but I say that it’s simply a misunderstood concept that needs to come out of its shell. Basically, contour helps shape the face by deepening natural shadows and highlighting natural high points.

Take a good look at that beautiful face of yours. Notice how shadows fall beneath your cheekbones, at your temples, under your lower lip, and below your jaw. These are the areas you want to accentuate with a neutral brown contour powder.

Now bring your attention to the areas right above those deeper areas to see the natural high points of your face. We want to keep these areas light and/or glowing. Dust above your eyebrows, the cupids bow of your upper lip, and the tops of your cheekbones in a shimmery highlight to make them pop.

Remember that you can always build up your contour, so start light and keep adding until you are satisfied. And BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!

Contour How To Comparison

Finally, plump and polish your lips with a few swipes of a lipstick in a slightly darker shade than your day look. If you are using a nourishing mineral lipstick, there should be no need to wipe off your original lip color because the natural oils and nutrients will keep your lips hydrated and supple during the day, and will mix nicely with the darker shade to give a bit more dimension to the color. I usually wear Soft Rose during the day, and blend it with Rich Wine when I go out at night. 


There you have it; 10 minutes is all it takes to go from daytime darling to late night looker. Showcase all the sides of gorgeous you, enjoy your night out, and remember to be fresh and flawless!

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