How to Apply Concealer

Believe it or not, if you apply concealer incorrectly, you can actually highlight your flaws, rather than conceal them. Here are some tips for properly applying concealer.

  • Choose the correct color for the flaw you're trying to cover up.
  • Moisturize your face before you start your makeup.
  • Apply foundation first, then concealer, then touch up with a little more foundation. This helps you to use less concealer and allows it to stay on rather than wiping much of it off if you applied the full amount of foundation after. 
  • Lightly dab the concealer on with your concealer brush and blend well.
  • For under eye circles, make sure to apply in a triangle, extending past the circles. Don't apply it just to the circles, as that won't conceal them as well.

how to apply concealer infographic

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