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women with different skin tones

To better understand what color makeup you should wear, you must first identify your skin tone, which actually includes two tones – the surface tone (or pigmentation) and the undertone. The surface tone may change slightly depending on the season or your sun exposure, but the undertone remains the same whether you have a tan or not.

Here are some tips to determine your tones.

Surface Tones:

These tones are fairly simple to determine. They generally consist of various shades from light to dark. Here at Beauté Minerals, we keep it simple with Light, Medium, and Medium Dark, in both cool and warm undertones, but may offer additional tones as we get more requests. 

(Please contact us if you’re interested in a shade that we do not currently offer.)

women with different skin tones


Now, for the more challenging part. Undertones are the shades just under the surface of the skin that are often only noticed in certain lighting or when wearing certain colored clothes, makeup, etc. Ever dye your hair a new shade and wonder why it doesn’t look right? It might be because it isn’t the right shade for your undertone. Or, have you tried on an orange shirt that looked amazing on your friend, only to find that it made you look washed out? It probably isn’t the best color for your undertone.

Your undertone can be warm or cool. Also, undertones are sometimes identified by seasons – winter and summer being cool and spring and autumn being warm.

Warm and cool are all you really need to determine the proper Beauté shade for your skin. Warm means you have sort of a golden/yellow undertone and cool means you have a pink/red or almost a bluish undertone. 

Here are our best tips to help you determine your undertone:

  1. Check the color of your veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they primarily green? If so, you’re probably a warm tone. Are they primarily blue or purple? If so, you’re probably a cool tone. 
  2. What does the sun do to your skin? Do you burn easily or do you burn, then tan? You’re probably cool. Do you tan easily? You’re probably warm.
  3. Wash your face and make sure your skin is not aggravated or flushed. Take a sheet of white paper and hold it to your face while looking in a mirror in natural light. Does your skin look yellowish? You’re probably warm. Does your skin look pinkish? You’re probably cool
  4. What color are your eyes and hair naturally? Eyes that are blue, green, or gray, and hair that is blond, brown, or black, with ash undertones, usually means you’re cool. Eyes that are brown or hazel, and hair that is red, brown, strawberry blond, or black, with gold, red, or yellow undertones, usually means you’re warm.
  5. Do you look better in silver or gold jewelry? If silver, you’re probably cool. If gold, you’re probably warm.
  6. Can you pull off pure black and pure white? You’re probably cool. Or do you look better in off-white shades or beige/browns? You’re probably warm.

After answering the above questions, you should have a pretty good idea of your correct undertone. If you're still not sure what color to get, email us at for a free sample. Be sure to include your name and mailing address in the email. Also, let us know which color(s) you are considering.

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