3 Essential Mineral Makeup Tips for Beginners

It's here! Our first blog post is finally here, and we cannot wait to grow with you lovelies and build a community of women who want to look as fresh and flawless as they feel. 

I'll admit, I'm fairly new to the mineral makeup game. Just months before starting with the Beauté team, I was using your average drugstore liquid foundation that clogged my pores with nasty fillers and wore away by the end of a long day of work.  My face felt gross, I felt gross, and it was all around a bad time.

I heard so many conflicting things about mineral makeup, I was hesitant to try it out. All I could see was a powder-covered bathroom, cakey dusty skin, and a LOT of wasted time and effort. After all, how on earth did you get powder to stick to your face??

But after being so disappointed with my usual choices, what did I have to lose?

So I screwed up my courage, bought a few (dozen) products, and leaped. 


I was an instant convert. My flaws were covered. My skin could breath. I glowed. This was everything I was looking for in a foundation, and my selfies never turned out better. 

However, this was a process of trial and error. There were times I could not get the product to stick to my face. There were times I could not get it to stay on my brush. There were times I got WAY too much on my brush. And in a misguided effort to make sure all my bases were covered, I purchased SO many products that now sit barely touched on my already cluttered vanity. 

Basically, I made all the mistakes so you don't have to. 

I found out that there are 3 must-know tips for any mineral makeup beginner. And I compiled them here in this handy guide for all you lovelies so you, too, can be fresh and flawless.


Prep Your Face

Everyone knows that skin care is an important part of any daily beauty routine, but it is even more crucial when using mineral makeup. The mineral powder binds to the oils on your face in order to achieve smooth, long lasting coverage that won’t clog your pores. Thankfully, there are four easy steps to prepare for flawless beauty!

1. Clean- A gentle cleanser in the morning will wipe away any trace of gunk leftover from your beauty rest. I personally like gentle creme based cleansers or micellar water to hydrate my skin while cleaning away daily grime without stripping away too much of my natural oils, but it all depends on your skin type.

2. Tone- My personal favorite step of my skincare routine. A good alcohol-free toner will hydrate and nourish your skin, prevent breakouts, and fight aging all with a refreshing mist. What’s not to love? You can also take your misting toner with you for a spritzing pick-me-up throughout the day

3. Moisturize- After delivering all that hydration to your skin, it’s important to lock it in with a lightweight moisturizer. Although mineral makeup will naturally help protect your skin from the sun, using a moisturizer with SPF will give you just another layer of environmental protection.

4. Prime- Now that your skin is taken care of, use a good primer to smooth over pores and fine lines, and your canvas is ready for foundation!

Must-Have Cosmetics

Rather than spending a ton of money buying every fad on the market, start with a small kit of quality, versatile products that will give you room to experiment and build from there.

Skin First

Foundation to smooth out your skin tone, yellow concealer to mask dark circles and any errant imperfections, and a light blush to help warm up and brighten your face. Find your shade by using this handy guide

Now you *could* buy all these things separately and pay way more money, OR you could get the ultimate trio in one easy step by purchasing any of our handy kits. 

For even more bang for your buck, upgrade and get a kit with brushes!

Easy on the Eyes

To make your eyes pop, choose two neutral shades of eyeshadow, one lighter with a shimmery finish and one darker with a matte finish. With just two shadows you can create a range of looks from day to night. The darker shade can also double as eyebrow powder if it has a matte finish and is a shade or two darker than your hair color, while the lighter can be swept across your cheekbones as a highlighter.



Kissable Lips

Make sure to select a lipstick in a neutral, everyday shade: light enough to refresh during the day but dark enough to add a bit of drama at night. We recommend Sweetheart (698) Gluten-Free Mineral Lipstick, which works with both warm and cool skin tones. Using a nourishing mineral lipstick will also help hydrate and smooth dry and chapped lips, creating a dewy, more youthful appearance.


Of course, having all the right products means nothing if you don’t have the proper tools to apply them! Thankfully, you only need four brushes to get started: the kabuki, concealer brush, blush brush, and dual ended brow brush.

The kabuki brush’s broad, thick bristles help smooth the powder foundation for even coverage, while the longer, thinner blush brush hugs the apples of your cheeks (be sure to smile for proper placement!).

The concealer brush can actually double as an eyeshadow brush; just be sure to clean between uses to avoid cross-contaminating the color. Read this article to learn all about proper brush care.

Brow grooming is essential to properly frame those gorgeous eyes, and the dual-ended brow brush not only smooths your natural eyebrows with the spool comb end but also precisely shapes and darkens your brows with brow powder with the angled brush end.

Properly Load Your Brush

For those of us who have used liquid foundation most of our lives, mineral foundation may seem a bit messy, complicated, and daunting. But in reality, it just takes two easy steps to load up your kabuki brush and start applying!

    1. Tap a small amount of minerals into the lid. Swirl your Kabuki brush in the lid, working the minerals into your brush.
    2. Turn your brush upside down (bristles facing upwards) and tap the end lightly on your countertop. This helps to settle the minerals into the brush. You should see very little of the minerals on the tips of the brush.


And there you have it! Follow these three easy tips and say buh bye to sticky, clogging liquid foundation and hello to healthy, beautiful skin. You got this, girl.

Got your own tips, tricks, and handy bits of information? Any burning questions you'd like answers to? Let us know in the comments below! We love our customers, and want to build a community around YOU, but we need your help. So speak up, shout out, and let's get our beauty on!

As always, stay fresh and flawless! 


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