5 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs



Picasso, Dalí, Monet. All these artistic geniuses throughout time became masters of their craft, molding their chosen medium in ways that continue to inspire us generations later. 

But they didn't just smear paint around the canvas with their fingers. They used the best tools for the job, and applying makeup is no different. Makeup brushes are the basic building blocks of your makeup set, and it is just as vital to have good, quality brushes as it is to have good, quality makeup. You don't want to sacrifice your right arm for a super expensive brush set made of Tibeten monkey fur blessed by the pope, but at the same time you don't want to be applying your cosmetics with penny watercolor brushes from Roseart. You also don't need an arsenal of brushes that do ONE SPECIFIC THING and ONLY that one thing.

So how do you choose out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of different brushes out there? And how do you know what really works for you?

I recommend starting with a base set of 5 versatile brushes that are great for pretty much any task you can throw at them. The brushes from Beauté Minerals are affordable, quality tools made from soft animal hair (cruelty-free, of course). These brushes will ensure that you make the most of your makeup and will last you for years to come.

Concealer Brush- The concealer brush is the ninja of your brush collection. I would even argue that ‘concealer brush’ is a bit of a misnomer, and should be called ‘does-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink brush.’ I also use this brush for eyeshadow, a dab of highlight, and when I’m going all out and contouring my nose (not for the faint of heart!). This little hero is perfect for concentrating on small spaces, no matter where on your face.

Concealer Brush


Kabuki- This short, squat brush is the cornerstone of your beauty arsenal. It (quite literally) lays the foundation of your face, blends any contour or blush for an airbrushed look, and can be used throughout your beauty routine to gently dust away any excess or mistakes. Take a look at this article to learn how to properly load your kabuki brush.

Kabuki Brush

Angled Contour- This bad boy sculpts your face to the skies with airbrushed precision. The dense, short bristles help you place color exactly where you want it while still being flexible enough to blend with your foundation. This is one of the best brushes I’ve seen in a long time.

Contour Brush


Blush vs. Angled Blush- Blush is an essential but often overlooked part of our day-to-day beauty routine. The right blush applied with the right brush can take you from washed out to warm and wow! For round, heart, or longer face shapes, use the more traditional rounded brush to sweep color along the apples of your cheeks. For more angular faces, try the angled brush to apply color from the apples of your cheeks back towards the ear.

Blush Brush and Angled Blush Brush


Dual Ended-Brow Brush- Twice the bang for your buck, the Dual Ended Brow Brush is all you need to groom and fluff your brows. Use the spoolie end to brush out any out-of-place hairs. Then use the angled brush end to fill the brows in with powder. Beauty hack: try using the angled brush end to softly line your eyes in your favorite eyeshadow.

Dual Ended Brow Brush


Now that you have the perfect tools for the trade, go forth and be beautiful!

As always, stay flawless, lovelies <3


P.S. Check out this article to learn more about how to care for your brushes!



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