Bronzed and Beautiful: Soak Up the Summer Sun

Today … I face my fear. No, not spiders (ew). Not heights, not clowns, not the deep dark void of despair … bronzer.

Yep, you read that right. Freaking bronzer. What on earth could be so terrifying about a tiny pot of color, you ask? Well, lets just say I have nightmares of Oompa Loompa flashbacks, and in the worst way possible.

But, of course, summer has rolled around and with that everyone is going out into the heat and coming back inside with a beautiful sun-kissed glow, while I prefer to stay inside where the air is cool, the drinks are cold, and not a touch of UV Rays have kissed this porcelain skin. Still, I’d like to have a bit of glow, too!

So I’ve sucked up my courage and tried to play with a bit of summer on my face! Let me tell you, I LOVE everything about this look. The gentle, skin-cancer free flush from Beaute Mineral’s Go Bronze blush, the subtle flash of golden green eyeliner, and the sweet, sweet bliss of feeling beautiful in my own skin.

Find out how I did it by watching the video below!

Stunning, simple, and sun-less!

Stay tuned for next month’s tutorial where I’ll show you how to wear blush in every possible way … except as blush.

Until next time, lovelies!




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