NEW PRODUCTS- Fresh Start, Flawless You!


In the New Year, Beauté Minerals is keeping its eyes forward and really focusing in on the windows to the soul. New brushes to sweep away the shadows or really pack them on, new eyeshadow shades that really pop for a sparkly spectacle, and for the grand finale, a blackest black gluten free mascara that both lengthens and volumizes enough to give you whiplash. (This is so cornea, #sorrynotsorry).

Okay, okay, enough with the eye rolling, let’s get to the good stuff!


With our latest launch, Beauté brought two new brushes to the table, a sleekly upgraded concealer brush and a dedicated eyeshadow brush! Both are made with 100% goat hair, but have very different uses. The concealer brush ($12) is even more dense and compact for maximum payoff, while the eyeshadow brush ($15) is wide and fluffy to blend pigments to soft perfection. Plus, they both work great for creating a variety of looks with the new cool-toned eyeshadow shades!



Step up your eyeshadow game with four new flawless shades: Charcoal, Sterling, Smokey Blue, and Moss Green. With a matte finish, Charcoal adds a softly smokey mystique to your look, while Sterling, Smokey Blue, and Moss Green will give you the sparkle you need to shine all day long. Blend each shade with the Eyeshadow brush for a subtle tint or pack them on with the Concealer brush for vibrant color. As always, these colors are made with 100% pure minerals with no irritants or artificial ingredients, and retail for just $15 per pot.



The showstopper of the collection is, of course, the much anticipated Gluten-Free Mascara! With the power to both lengthen your lashes and give you all the volume you crave, this formula is water resistant and has minimal parabens to keep the product clean and long lasting. (Note: the mascara is the ONLY Beauté Minerals product that has parabens.)




The eyes have it (sorry, I had to fit this last pun in). With all of these great new products, you can have a fresh start to a flawless you!

Until next time, lovelies!

Forever Flawless,



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