Spring Showers: A Light and Bright Makeup Look

Hello Beaute Babes!

Spring has finally sprung, and with that come lighter, brighter makeup looks. I’ve seen so many fantastic looks all over my social media lately, and my little inspiration fairy started buzzing all around my head. Everything from budding pink roses to the clear blue sky gave this fairy a fit of delight, and how best to express that than through my makeup?

Over the last few months, Elizabeth and I have played a bit with the new eyeshadows that launched in December. You all saw her use Moss Green in March’s Gettin’ Lucky tutorial, and Charcoal to deepen her creases in February’s Rosey Romance look. But a bunch of makeup giants decided that blue was the color of the season (lookin’ at you, Jeffree Starr Blue Bloods), and I realized she hasn’t shown you all the amazingness that is Smokey Blue and Sterling! (Insert horrified gasp here)

For this look, I wanted to pair these fabulous new colors with a classic, like Pink Suede, and throw it back to the 8th grade nightmare that was blue bottom lid eyeliner, but make it chic and set the eyes off with some high blush a la Rihanna Met Ball 2018 and a bright pink lip. Get your flower crowns ready, and watch the video below!

I can feel the spring breezes already!

For a full list of all the products used, scroll down to the end of this post. As always, Beaute Minerals prides itself on clean, healthy, gluten-free and hypoallergenic mineral makeup that is great for the everyday woman. All of these looks produced are not meant for crazy Instagram anti-realness, but for women on the go who care not only about how they look, but how their skin feels.

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Until next time, stay flawless!


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